I’m Brooke.

I am incredibly honored to have this career.

I get to spend my days surrounded by the very best part of life - people choosing love. 

Getting married, bringing children into our lives, living full stop with love and joy – these are radically positive things to do.  Each time I attend a wedding, meet a new baby, or am invited into a family’s home to document their journey and connection I am reminded that the world is a wonderful place.

Nothing makes me happier than documenting small moments and fleeting expressions that might otherwise go unseen. A glance, a touch of the hands, a laugh.

I believe in photographing beauty, yes. But more importantly I want to tell your story.

I’d love to get to know you. 

Love & Memories & Photos

All of our best stories are love stories. All of my best moments in life are rooted in love - from my parents and grandparents, to friends who feel like family, to places I love so much they may as well be alive. 

In my own life, I marvel at how love changes and grows from day to day and year to year. My husband and I met when I was 16. And I certainly believed I loved him them, but I couldn't imagine the changes and the depths our love would take as we grew up, got married, and had a family together.

I also marvel at how simultaneously fast and slow this raising a family thing can be. Days and weeks that seem like they never end somehow makeup years that fly by so much faster than I can believe.

At the end of it all, memories and impressions and, yes, photographs reminding me of all the love-filled moments are what I treasure most in the whole world. 

(That’s three year old me. My younger cousins were subjected to a lot of modeling sessions over the years.)

Things I Believe…

Flying may be faster, but road trips feed my soul. 

Champagne is the little black dress of drinks- there's no where it can't go. 

There is a Buffy episode suitable for every mood and occassion. 

If I'm cold on the mountain, I'm not skiing hard enough. 

If you spend enough time with someone, they'll tell you their story. It will always be worth your time. 

Everyone looks beautiful when they're laughing. 

Bread and Roses (a rustic olive loaf and pink garden spray, respectively.)

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