Newborn Sessions – What to Expect

Photographing newborns with their families is one of my very favorite things about being a photographer. This tiny little sliver of a period of life goes by in such a whirlwind of emotion and change and excitement, and once it has passed it almost feels like you dreamt the whole thing. Photographs tell the story of your family in this beautiful time, as well as the beginning of your child’s story.

When I photograph newborns I focus on both of these interrelated stories. I love photographs that create context and show details from your life, that show the love and excitement and wonder that a new baby brings.

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Q: Where do the sessions take place?

A: I almost always photograph newborn sessions in your home. Parent and baby interaction is one of my very favorite parts of these sessions. Your hands supporting your baby’s tiny head, or your arms wrapped around their little swaddled body, or your face breathing in that newborn smell – these photos show the love and connection between you and your baby. These are the photographs that you and your child will cherish for decades to come.  Additionally, your home has already become the place where your baby feels most safe. It has all of the things you need as your own body is healing and adjusting as well. If the weather is warm enough, sometimes we’ll even go outside.

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Q: Who should be there? Can our other children or our pets be in some of the portraits?

A: Yes! Newborn photos with siblings and pets are some of my favorite images. If older siblings are still pretty young, it can be helpful to have a friend or grandparent on hand to entertain them when their part of the session is complete.

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Q: What should we wear? What should our baby wear?

A: Wear something comfortable, first of all. Sessions can last several hours – they’re 100% baby driven and we’ll stop and take breaks as they are needed. Soft fabrics are important as well. You’ll be holding your baby in lots of photographs and will want to make sure she feels comfortable next to you. Babies are really tiny, so distracting patterns and really bold colors can draw the eyes away from them in photographs. Wedding rings, watches and jewelry you love and wear often can look beautiful in photographs as well.

Your baby should be comfortable as well. Their clothes should fit well. Clothes that are too loose don’t photograph well. Simple onesies, swaddling blankets and diapers and diaper covers are excellent options that are easy to change into and don’t distract from baby in photographs. If you have special clothing or accessories you want to put your baby in be sure to let me know ahead of time so we can plan the best time in the session to use that outfit. Before your session, I’ll ask you to raise the temperature in your house a bit, especially if you are planning to do photos of your baby with bare skin. Keep that in mind when you choose your own outfits. Breathable clothes and layers can be very helpful.

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Q: When should my newborn be photographed? 

A: Newborn sessions usually take place within the first 7-14 days after birth. However, every family (and baby!) is different. Sometimes sessions need to take place a little later in order for everyone to be ready. That’s completely okay, too.  After your baby is born, contact me and we’ll set up a date that works for you.

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Q: Is there anything else I should know?

A: Your session will be fun! We are going to spend a couple of hours together celebrating your new family member and focusing on the new love that you have brought into the world and  your home. When your little one looks back on these photos someday, she will see that she was adorable, yes –  but more importantly she will see that she is loved.

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Q: How can I book?

A: Contact me here! You can also send me an email or give me a call at / 720-404-9052